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23:05"I will love you recklessly. I will love every little detail of you, the enlarged pores on your nose, the sprinkle of freckles across your cheek and the way you push your lips together and inhale deeply as you break in your storytelling. I will love you so much I will drink these details as though they were gloriously intoxicating, and I will etch them out in my mind and play them back to myself like old record when you’re gone. I will commit myself to you wholly; I will let you possess me. I will love you in such a way that parts of me will become you and I will hold on to those parts as though they were secrets whispered in gold.

I will love you as though you were the only person I’d ever loved. I will love you intensely, I will throw myself around you recklessly and if you love me back I will be humbled. I will love you so much I will try to be a better person every day. I will work harder, smile more, love better—all because of you. Despite this, the way I love you will be effortless, it will fit me like my summer skin, glowing in your presence. I will love you boundlessly and unselfishly, and my love will not be metered by your love for me. I will love you irrespective of everything.

I will love you fleetingly. I will love you in my bed for one night; I will love you for a few short days in Paris or a week in London. I will love you sitting on my stoop one drunken night. I will love you even if I never see you again, and I will love you just as passionately as I’ve ever loved, if only for a moment. I’ll recall you tenderly in the stories I will tell for the rest of my life, and I will love you retrospectively. I will love you like a ghost, like a flower that has bloomed and died; I will love you with an inconceivable abandon. I will love you as achingly and deeply as I can in the short amount of time we’ve been allotted.

I will love you in all these ways because I can. I will love you because it’s lovely to love you. I will love you because whether you are my mother, my best friend, the love of my life or a one-night stand, I think you’re perfect. I will love you because you’ve made my life more wonderful by simply being in it. I will love you because I don’t know what else to do, and I don’t know if there is another name for this feeling, or if I really want there to be another name for it. I will love you because there isn’t enough love in the everyday. I will love you because I love loving, and because you deserve to be loved.

" — Kat George  “The Ways In Which I Will Love You

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